Free Land Program

Zetaworlds offers a free land program, offering small parcels for anybody wishing to reside here. The resident becomes the owner of the parcel, with all land rights to the parcel including sky rights.

ZetaWorlds Estate Cluster

A stones throw from our welcome center, the Zeta Estate Cluster consists of 9 regions, with parcels for personal and commercial use. Please contact our community management via the ZetaWorlds group or directly by contacting Edison Rex inworld. Commercial use is allowed, including selling via Gloebits. If you wish to set up a small shop, please contact Edison Rex. A notecard explains in more detail, if you land in the central square, the newspaper box will offer you the notecard.
There are covenants and limitations. Please be aware of them and read the notecard.
Parcels each have a street address. Make note of the address and ask Edison Rex inworld if you can have that parcel.

More specific information here.

Sailors Delight Marina

Next to the Zetaworlds Ocean, currently still under construction, please check in with Vincent Sylvester inworld for more information.
This allows you to keep a boat out for the ocean.

Project Land

We provide free land to charitable organisations, universities, research project and other non-profits. Further integrations and larger projects enjoy a discount we can even provide custom solutions for in-world projects. If you have a project, for educational or otherwise non-profit use, please feel free to contact us at contact (at), outlining your project, anticipated requirements, and timescale. We will be happy to assist in getting the project off the ground and provide you with tools to further your research or educational endeavor.