Membership Levels

Becoming a paid member helps to cover the cost of operating ZetaWorlds, making it a better place for everyone. The different levels are designed according to the load they put on our systems and grant additional perks not attainable otherwise.


  • Anyone can sign up for free and become a Resident of ZetaWorlds.
  • Connect up to 9 regions* as one simulator to ZetaWorlds from your home.

Premium Member

  • Premium Members can connect up to 48 regions* or 5 simulators to ZetaWorlds.
  • Reserves spot on the region showcase on the Welcome center.
  • Age Verification**

Platinum Member

  • Platinum Members get invited to special events.
  • Access to early binary builds.
  • Connect up to 100 regions* or 15 simulators.
  • Limited resell of regions after prior approval.
  • Age Verification**
  • Custom User Title upon request

*A region is commonly 256x256 meters, regions of larger proportions are counted on their equivalent amount of space used
**Age verification upon request, purchase of membership plan only grants "Payment on file" status
All sales are final and non-refundable
Perks attained only for duration of subscription