The Zetaworlds Ocean

A Sailor’s Delight

Imagine an ocean in Opensim big enough to get lost in, where a sailing cruise can take hours, with "real" wind and proper physics.
Imagine being able to sail to your neighbour''s region, or drive a motorboat or a seaplane.
What if you could fly a jet aircraft with plenty of space, and airports to land at? You could fly with passengers, dogfight with another flyer, or just go low and slow in a helicopter.
An ocean where region crossings are barely noticable and there is freedom to move between all connected regions...

Zetaworlds is delighted to host the Zetaworlds Ocean, a expanse with 120+ 4x4 ocean regions (120 square km) of open navigable water.
Using a common variable wind derived from a real world location updated regularly, compatible with our modified Bwind scripts, or Ocean Engineering sailing scripts,
the ocean uses modern ubODE physics on a 0.9.1 binary.
Featuring smooth region crossovers, better resiliency of HUD and script behaviour, and stable performance, the ocean includes more than a few pleasant surprises.

Hypergrid visitors are welcome to come visit, and residents are encouraged to make use of this excellent resource. Any boat that works in ubODE will work on the Zetaworld Ocean,
and free scripts are available to convert sailboats, powerboats, small and large aircraft to work on the ocean.

Join the group Sailor's Delight to be able to rezz and keep a boat or airplane. Free rezz zones are provided as well.

Zetaworlds offers land packages connected to the ocean and allows self hosting (with prior permission) to access the ocean. Airports and marinas are to be found in various locations.

Look in the Welcome region for a LM to the Zetaworlds Ocean.