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For the bookworms

In the interest of providing some more information about who/what/why ZetaWorlds we have added a number of new pages to the website. These should provide for some intriguing reading material for all those interested. We plan to provide more in the future, especially for our FAQ. In case you have questions you feel we should add to that gives us a shout inworld. ...

Grid Update Complete

To roll out various fixes in the latest version of ZetaSim we have restarted the main grid services, which will lead to all home-hosted regions to lose connection. If you run a home-hosted region please restart it. The fixes include, but are not limited to: - Solve problem with npcs not moving properly - Better sit target handling and new functionality - Reorder udp queue and increase to network performance We will contin...

Network Statistics

Part of our upgrade recently was also an aim for a bit more transparency. As such two new pages have gone up regarding the technology the grid uses and the brand spankin' new network statistics page For those who love data and how pretty it can be this page should be right up your alley. Expect these pages to expand in the future. ...

[UPDATED] Problems with the Self Host package

NEW BINARY IS AVAILABLE - Download the binary from the normal location (see Get Land - Self Hosted)
Your best option is to unpack the binary to a new folder and copy your Region.ini file in. You can copy your opensim.db file (your region contents) but you are better off saving an OAR from your original region and restoring i...

Grid Stats

Online: 3
Active Users: 996 (538)
Total Residents: 894
Total Traffic: 4566
Total Landarea: 168.886272 kmĀ²
Regions: 2577 (218)


CDN Powered Assets

ZetaWorlds uses a custom built CDN (Content Delivery Manager) to serve assets. This makes loading much faster, no matter where in the grid you host your region. It also improves your hypergrid experience.

Custom Code

ZetaWorlds builds almost everything we use on top of opensim ourselves. We work with other grids to help make even cooler features. Be sure to check out our credits page to learn more about who helps us out.

Load Balanced

ZetaWorlds grid management is load balanced for heavy loads. We run multiple instances of the grid services behind load balancers. We use our own custom asset server to manage all load traffic. You'll notice the difference.