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Binary Rollout 860

Resolving a long standing issue with Gloebit land sales and implementing some smaller fixes around animations and NPCs. Rollout is scheduled to happen until the 24th of July with regions being enabled for the binary by the time this post is live. As this is a mandatory binary regions not restarted by aforementioned date will be restarted in order to update to the new binary. Make sure to check on your scripts if they have issues with binary upgrades or restarts.

Preconf binary will be available at some point this week if no major faults are found....

June 19th, Let's Party! - Grid Update this week!

Hey everyone!

Please join us if you can, for a couple of hours of music and fun on Saturday June 19 at our Welcome region stage. We are celebrating over 16,000 friendships! We do have a great community of people here. We are also celebrating over 10,000 regions (standard). There are some truly beautiful regions here in ZetaWorlds and very talented residents. We encourage you all to explore both private regions as well as our huge ocean.

Festivities begin at 12 noon grid time with Khiron Ametza. Khiron is always fun and an incredibly talented vocalist. Zoree Jupiter is up next at 1pm grid time. Zoree sings like an angel, she is not to be missed! At 2pm we have the amazing Missy MonK! Missy is an incredible live mixer serving up techno such that you've not likely heard before.

We hope you can join us! See you there!


In preparation we will be doing an upgrade to the grid infrastructure on Wednesday the 16th of June. The grid will be down for a few hours to change hardware and transfer some data. We apologize for the inconvenience....

Spotlight - Eagle Wolf

I've been asked to introduce myself to the ZetaWorlds community, to say some things about myself.

To begin, I've been in ZetaWorlds for about a year and a half now and became a staff member almost a year ago. My title belies my work here, which is varied, a rather wide scope. From greeting new residents to helping with region issues, answering support tickets to dressing up the islands dotting our huge ocean, filling in the Knowledgebase to administrative tasks and more.

I've been in virtual worlds for about 15 years, beginning in SL. I've travelled the metaverse, in many different worlds and grids over the years. I love these worlds! I love what they have to offer, people, building, the differences in grids, the list goes on. I come with a wealth of knowledge of how these worlds work. I've been admin in a few of the grids I've been in. I am a builder/creator, not too bad at it, I think. What I know and understand about these worlds, both inworld and backend, I have gleaned through both practical, hands on experience as well as spending many hours reading technical "stuff". a wonderful thing. Ok fine, I'm a tech geek....

Those are some large numbers

Over the past few weeks we saw a significant increase in various statistics up to a point that we have no reached over 16000 friendships, more than 10000 regions and a total time spent inworld of over 10000 days combined. It is quite humbling to see the growth continue and ZetaWorlds becoming ever more lively.

As is somewhat tradition now we are planning to celebrate these milestones in some form, what they may be is not decided yet, but hopefully it will be fun for everyone. An announcement will follow once we have the details ready....

Grid Stats

Online: 15
Active Users: 1424 (950)
Total Residents: 1677
Visitors: 6748
Total Logins: 97921
Time spent inworld: 12688 Days 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Total Landarea: 700.186624 kmĀ²
Regions: 10684 (697)

CDN Powered Assets

ZetaWorlds uses a custom built CDN (Content Delivery Manager) to serve assets. This makes loading much faster, no matter where in the grid you host your region. It also improves your hypergrid experience.

Custom Code

ZetaWorlds builds almost everything we use on top of OpenSim ourselves. Our custom version of OpenSim, called ZetaSim, brings many new features and enhancements.

Load Balanced

ZetaWorlds is load balanced for heavy loads. We run multiple instances of the grid services behind load balancers. We use our own custom asset server to manage all load traffic. You will notice the difference.

100% Eco-Power

ZetaWorlds uses hardware that is powered by 100% renewable energy and with sustainability in mind. We also use excess resources to help the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Gloebit Currency

ZetaWorlds has many Gloebit enabled regions that make it easy to engage in commerce even outside of ZetaWorlds with Gloebit being fully HyperGrid compatible. With commerce on the rise Gloebit offers the most stable platform to sell your goods and services with many other grids supporting it across the metaverse.


ZetaWorlds is based in Germany and subject to strict privacy rules, these ensure we will not share any data with others and keep your data secure from prying eyes.