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A word about bans...

We here at Zetaworlds like to be known as very tolerant. We have written our terms of service to be very permissive of quiet enjoyment of your regions and your experience on the hypergrid.
Our patience, however, can be worn very thin, and a few things will earn you a ban...

Spring Sale! New Regions 25% off

We are having a sale on new regions. If you have been unhappy with self hosting,
or think you cannot afford a hosted region, go to our land page and check out our
land prices for new customers. Zetaworlds hosted regions hav...

Seeking Hypergrid Board Testers

If you have ever been to our Welcome region you may have noticed this huge board with a couple hundred hypergrid addresses on it. We are looking for people who use it to tell us when there are broken hypergrid links. It is hard to keep track. And if you are interested in adding links to the board or editing them (that would be ma...

Grid is Back Online

We are back up. The problem was related to an upgrade to MariaDB which underlies our PHPsas content delivery system. A change in the way MariaDB accepts values led to assets not being stored correctly, meaning any new assets copied or created would not get saved correctly. This has now been corrected. Thank you for your patien...

Grid Stats

Online: 0
Active Users: 1547 (934)
Total Residents: 773
Total Traffic: 3574
Total Landarea: 154.0096 kmĀ²
Regions: 2350 (176)


CDN Powered Assets

ZetaWorlds uses a custom built CDN (Content Delivery Manager) to serve assets. This makes loading much faster, no matter where in the grid you host your region. It also improves your hypergrid experience.

Custom Code

ZetaWorlds builds almost everything we use on top of opensim ourselves. We work with other grids to help make even cooler features. Be sure to check out our credits page to learn more about who helps us out.

Load Balanced

ZetaWorlds grid management is load balanced for heavy loads. We run multiple instances of the grid services behind load balancers. We use our own custom asset server to manage all load traffic. You'll notice the difference.