Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common issue, it can happen from time to time. Do not worry, the easiest fix is to teleport to "Welcome" and on the ground there is an object that says "Avatar Cloud Fix" just click it to buy. Then in your inventory window, right click on the folder it creates and say "Replace Outfit" this will fix your cloud appearance.
ZetaWorlds does not like the way the old search system works, to assist with this ZetaWorlds is currently in development of a custom search system that is coming to the viewer and our website very soon. Just hang in there, we do have a forum located you can visit by clicking Community then Forum. There you are free to share projects you are working on or have completed.
No problem, we are here to help. Just head over to our forum via "Community" then "Forum" there is no registration required but it is helpful if you are going to reply a lot. Just go to the Support section and ask your question, some questions our friendly community will be happy to jump in and answer questions, if it is not something they can handle official staff will hop in and take a look at the issue.