Frequently Asked Questions

Most relevant information and references to more can be found on this page.


Q: How can I get help?

A: You can contact a member of staff by sending us a ticket, all other information can be found on this website.

Q: I contacted staff on discord, why won't they answer?

A: Discord is not a support platform, inquiries that need to be handled by support are ignored. We use discord exclusively to chat and promote events. Support requests are handled via sending us a ticket.

Q: I selected a default avatar, but I am still a cloud, where do I get avatars?

A: This happens from time to time, do not fear there are free clothes in the shops on the Welcome region. You can also use the hypergrid wall on Welcome to teleport to other grids with even more content both free and retail.

Q: I am having trouble rezzing

A: The causes for this are plentiful and might even be seemingly counterintuitive.

Often the viewer itself is the problem. Viewers have a maximum bandwidth setting that can be adjusted. Many set this to a very high number hoping to increase performance, but in reality this causes instability. The maximum bandwidth should not be set higher than 1000-1500, this will give the best stability while still giving plenty performance for receiving content.

Using a wireless connection or a VPN/Proxy to connect to the grid will cause issues. These come in form of paket-loss. On a wireless connection some data may get lost in transmission and because a lot traffic in OpenSim is sent through UDP, a network protocol that does not check if data has reached the other end, the connection can become very unstable and slow. Some VPNs outright block UDP.

Users that connect via the Hypergrid system may also experience a slower connection compared to local users. The way the system works the data for assets is sent through the region acting as a sort of proxy. This has the negative effect of loading data directly from the location of the region rather than the globally distributed asset CDN.

Sadly due to the lack of proper standards in terms of the mesh that used to be the standard there now exists mesh that can have a negative effect on performance to outright causing bugs. We have taken some steps to help determine the offending objects, but it is still up to the user or the creator to fix them. We have since switched to a newer version of OpenSim that has a proper mesh standard implemented to avoid such problems and pervent the upload of problematic mesh items.

Q: I lost my password!

A: You can request a new password here, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.

This obviously requires access to the email account associated with your ZetaWorlds account. If you can no longer access that email account then you need contact staff and provide authentication in order to have the email changed. This usually involves providing some form of proof you are the account holder.

Q: What currency is on the grid?

A: The currency on the grid is handled by the regions themselves through Gloebit. All Zetamex-operated regions have Gloebit currency enabled, some self-hosted regions may do as well.

Q: What are these membership levels?

A: ZetaWorlds is an open grid allowing anyone to join and connect their regions to it. However, each connected region does put additional load onto our services, so each user is only allowed a finite amount of regions they can connect for free. If you want to connect more regions you will need to purchase a membership subscription. The premium and platinum membership levels also offer the benefit or serving as age-verification, which will allow you to enter parcels and regions with age-restriction on them. You can find all information about this here.

Q: Why am I told I am banned from a region?

A: Besides actually being banned, which is up to the region owner to decide, there are also two specific access restrictions that can be set by region and parcel owners. These restrictions are checked against our age-verification system and depending on your account status you may not be able to teleport to a region or enter a parcel.

"Must have payment info on file" set either in the estate settings or parcel access settings is the first level. All membership plans include this.
"Must be 18+" is the actual age-verification which can be performed from the profile page on the ZetaWorlds website.

Q: Can I partner someone?

A: Partnering works right through the website. Login to your account via the website and navigate to your profile, there you can submit a proposal. The selected partner will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the process.

Q: Can I sell regions or parcels on ZetaWorlds?

A: We have a resellers program that is designed to enable residents to fund their own piece of land on the grid through selling additional regions. Outside of this we strictly prohibit sale of regions on the grid; If you are a hosting provider for OpenSim you can contact us to gain authorization to sell regions.

Reselling individual parcels on a region is allowed so long as they are not the entire region in size.

Q: I replied to an offline-IM I received via Email, but it never reached the other side?!

A: We do not offer Email-import for offline-IM due to privacy and technical limitations. If you want to reply to an offline-IM, please login to ZetaWorlds and reply through the viewer instead.

Q: Where can I get some land?

A: We offer free land for any newcomer to the grid, you can learn more about that here
If you are looking to buy some land please check our current offers
Alternatively you can host your own by downloading our precompiled binaries from here

Q: What is there to do I am bored?!

A: We have a showcase of popular regions on the Welcome region, alternatively you can check the online regions via the worldmap, just hop around, most places are inhabited by friendly people.

Q: Why are password requirements so strict?

A: Password security is based on entropy, which is a fancy word for randomness. The more random a password is the harder it is to guess. However you can achieve the same by simply making a password longer instead of more complex. This would make it easier to remember as "This-is-my-password-for-login" has the same complexity as "$F49A5kh!ook3". Unfortunately some Viewers only allow for passwords up to 16 characters in length and will not properly transmit longer password to the login authentication service, making login impossible. This is why we are forced to require complex passwords to ensure security of accounts.

Q: I cannot login using X viewer?!

A: Many viewers follow Linden Labs standard for authentication, this standard dictates a maximum password length of 16 characters. While many viewers properly handle longer passwords for OpenSim some older viewers may not. You can change your password through the Account Settings menu, simply login to the website and click on the Account dropdown in the top right.
To avoid this issue we suggest using one of the viewers from our How To Connect page

Q: Is my data backed up? How do backups work?

A: We do backups multiple times a day of all hosted regions, this is done both in form of OARs and database backups to ensure data integrity. We keep all customer data for over 4 months as required per law. Longer storage is entirely dependent on our storage capacity.

Q: Is there a sandbox?

A: Yes, the region is called Sandbox, just search the World Map for it.

Q: The region I setup is gone!

A: There are a few reasons for why your self-hosted region might no longer be on the grid.

a. You exceeded the number of equivalent single(256x256m) regions for your account level and did not remove the excess regions within 48 hours.
b. On more than one occassion we were unable to verify your region was properly responding to incoming teleports whether that be due to misconfiguration or poor performance.
c. The region contained anything against or rules of conduct or terms of service.
d. Performance was not within acceptable limits or residents actively report issues resulting from your region.
e. Commercial resale of regions connected to ZetaWorlds is only allowed as verified reseller.
f. Coordinates occupied by your region where claimed for one of our hosted region packages.

We strive to maintain a well performing grid for everyone and so self-hosted regions need to meet some performance requirements. If these cannot be met it can actually be to the detriment of the entire grid so we take preventative action before this occurs. In these cases we remove regions, with or without notice, depending on case and repeating offenders may get blacklisted.

Q: Is there voice? How can I enable voice?

A: ZetaWorlds does not offer blanket voice on all regions. Region owners supply their own voice licenses and can freely choose to enable voice or not.

If you are a region owner looking to enable voice on your region you will need to apply for a license with the voice provider and let us know via ticket that you wish to enable voice.

Q: My mesh has strange collisions

A: Most, if not all, regions on ZetaWorlds run on newer versions of OpenSim utilizing UbODE physics engine. Newer versions of OpenSim and especially in combination with UbODE require all mesh to obey the collada standard commonly used for mesh in OpenSim.

Mesh uploaded on previous versions of OpenSim, which allowed for improper collada not to standard, often exhibits strange physics behavior, because part of the required data in the mesh is missing. Unfortunately the only option to resolve this is to upload a proper copy of the mesh.

If you are having issues with something you brought from other grids or bought somewhere it is best to contact the original author for a fixed version. Alternatively meshes can be downloaded, if permission allow, and fixed using a 3D modelling program such as blender.

Q: Can I move my region and avatar to you?

A: We can load OARs of your region directly onto one you have purchased from us. We can also load your inventory into your avatar should you have an IAR of it.

Q: Are there any special rules?

A: Our Rules and Conduct page lists all of our rules; every user is bound to the Zetamex Network Terms of Service as well.

Q: I am an educator

A: We love to support educators in their quest to bring knowledge to people, but research projects and anything non-profit is welcome as well. We offer completely free hosting for educators with non-profit status, simply contact us via email with information about your project.
ZetaWorlds has been used by various educators and researches in the past and we offer special systems and integrations for educators that are looking to create a more controlled environment or integrate OpenSim with existing educational tools.

Q: I keep getting offline IM sent to my email, how do I make that stop?

A: By default we send offline IM via email to make sure you do not miss anything important. To disable the function login to the ZetaWorlds website and click on the Account dropdown in the top left. Then select "Account Settings", simply untick the box for IM to Email and we will no longer send you email when you receive an offline IM.

Q: Can I change my name?

A: The way names are used within Calling Cards and especially the hypergrid system means that name changes need to be done on all ends, as this is near impossible and failure to do this causes various issues we do not offer name changes. Please make a new avatar if you want to change your name, we can transfer your inventory to the new account for you.

Q: How do I fix errors with scripts?

A: Most regions now run on YEngine, a new script engine with better compliance of the LSL standard compared to the older XEngine. This means a set of new things to keep in mind. Especially memory management of YEngine is different and not as strict, as a result you will need to adjust scripts to make sure their memory footprint is properly managed. This information is available on the LSL Reference linked in our help section. If you follow the proper LSL standard and make sure to avoid some common mistakes, such as dividing by zero or mixing up integers with floats, YEngine will show great potential and efficiency over XEngine. If you need further help feel free to contact the grid staff.

Q: I keep getting pop-ups from Gloebit

A: Gloebit is the currency used on the grid, all regions hosted by ZetaWorlds have this currency enabled. If you are not registered with Gloebit the module will ask you to do so. To avoid receiving the pop-up you must register with Gloebit, it is simple and enables you to use currency across all enabled grids on the metaverse.

Q: My AO keeps resetting how can I prevent that?

A: Firestorm viewer features a built-in AO that can be used instead of relying on attachment-based scripted ones. In most cases the information from them can be converted directly to the built-in AO as follows:

1. Using an open space of terrain without nearby objects, place the AO object down on the terrain and open its inventory.
2. Copy the contents of the AO to your inventory.
3. Open the Anmination Overrider in Firestorm and expand it via the settings wrench.
4. Locate the notecard with the AO information and animation settings and place it in the large box in the Animation Overrider.
5. With the animations loaded you can now configure them to cycle or randomly select when multiple are present for each override.

Should a notecard not be available or you wish to create your own set of animations you can do so by clicking on the + icon in the Overrider. From there you can build sets by loading the animations you want.

Q: Can I do anything for the grid?

A: We currently are not looking for more staff members, but if you want to contribute to the grid outside of a monetary contribution feel free to let a staff member know, we have various building projects and are always happy to incorporate something our residents have made. If you are an entertainer or DJ feel free to talk to the event staff, they will be happy to promote your event or region to greater audiences.

All further opportunities are mentioned in this blog post. More may follow in the future so check back once in a while.

Q: Hypergrid is causing issues/not working

A: ZetaWorlds runs on newer versions of OpenSim, as such grids running on older versions may not be fully compatible. Especially versions prior to OpenSim 9.x may not connect at all.

Due to increasing issues resulting from poorly setup grids ZetaWorlds restricts Hypergrid access from various services known to cause issues. Additionally any grid not using a fully qualified domain name or dynamic DNS service may be removed if it is detected to cause problems. If you find yourself unable to Hypergrid to ZetaWorlds from your grid this may be why. We strive to maintain a certain level of service quality on the grid and actions deemed to the detriment of that often result in restrictions.

Specific network restrictions exist for networks already present on the most common of blocklists as we sync with them to prevent attacks on our system. There are ways to remove a network from such lists, so it makes sense to check them and attempt to be removed should you find yourself listed there.

Q: Login via this client is not possible?

A: In order to maintain compatibility between viewer and OpenSim we are restricting some outdated viewers from access to ZetaWorlds both to ensure service quality and prevent data corruption. Please make sure you are using the latest version of our recommended viewers.

Q: My email could not be verified

A: You can request a new code be generated and emailed to the email address associated with your account here

If that does not work, contact staff.

Q: I cannot teleport to a specific region

A: Beyond the nature of just unstable internet connections themselves there can be various reasons for this.

The most common problem concerns the very nature of the traffic OpenSim sends about being of the UDP variety. UDP is a fire-and-forget protocol, it sends data without making sure it ever reaches the other side. When this happens the connection will simply drop. Further compounding this is the nature of circuits that OpenSim establishes needing to stay connected without interruptions. Usually this can be rectified by making sure you are using a wired connection instead of WiFi and your firewall or Router/Modem is not blocking UDP type traffic.

Another cause can be entirely out of anyones control having to do with bad routing over the various points across the planet a connection between you and the region you want to go to might end up being routed through. When this occurs there is really nothing one can do outside of calling their Internet Service Provider and complaining to them to pass the issue on to the carrier themselves. Using an MTR the point of failure can often be found, but sometimes even that will not give more information beside not connecting either. We always try to find hardware for ZetaWorlds that is connected in a redundant manner so routing can be shifted if one line is not working right, but even that does not guarantee smooth operations.

If you are having issues connecting to a specific region and suspect it has nothing to do with the region being otherwise preoccupied or faulty feel free to send us a ticket.

Q: VPN Detected?

A: The reason for this requirement is a purely technical one as OpenSim does not react well with modified header information and this can lead to all sorts of issues itself, outside of the problems caused by VPN services throttling UDP traffic as they often deem this as dangerous or not included in their packages outright. Packet loss on UDP streams can have quite negative effects on the experience, from disconnects to loss of inventory, and even cause problems with regions as not all endpoints handle garbled data gracefully.

In a general sense a VPN only encrypts your data from your location to the location of the VPN access point to the internet, so any security is lost if you then proceed to load plain http which means the data is once again plain to see for everyone listening. Worse still VPNs are directly painting you as target of something to hide so that is where anyone looking to fetch data will start fishing for it. Now since your browser still sends information about you within the VPN and subsequently outside of it to get a return, there is plenty to go around for those looking to sell information about you or track your activities. This is why Tor is so popular as the exit and entry point need not be the same so tracing who the call actually goes to is a lot more work.

Unlike most free services on the internet ZetaWorlds does not rely on selling user data for profit. We do this simply by selling regions and subscriptions. The only data we see is that required to render the service to you. We specifically use encrypted connections, where possible, to prevent data from reaching the hands of others, but trying to support a VPN on top of that may render us unable to even provide adequate service in the first place.

Q: My region order was rejected as fraud?

A: New customers of ours are checked to prevent fraudulent orders being placed. This check looks at various parameters about the order, such as matching billing address to the address associated with the payment method and if your physical location matches the address you provided. It also looks at whether the email address used during signup has been verified or not. If your billing information has been previously linked to rejected or refunded purchases online. Using a post box for address or a newly created email account. Any or all of these things can contribute to a high risk score and an order marked as fraudulent, but it may not as well.

An order marked as fraudulent is nothing to worry about, it means a manual human review is done before it is accepted. This has no negative effect on your account reputation and does not mean we believe you are attempting fraud. After the manual human review your order is set back to pending and you can proceed to make payment as normal. Once the order is processed it will be accepted and you will get your region.

If you want to try and prevent an order from being flagged it can be helpful to first register a billing account and verifying its associated email address before placing an order.