Frequently Asked Questions

This happens from time to time, do not fear there are free clothes in the shops on the Welcome region. You can also use the hypergrid wall on Welcome to teleport to other grids with even more content both free and retail.

The currency on the grid is handled by the regions themselves through Gloebit. All Zetamex-operated regions have Gloebit currency enabled, some self-hosted regions may do as well.

ZetaWorlds is an open grid allowing anyone to join and connect their regions to it. However, each connected region does put additional load onto our services, so each user is only allowed a finite amount of regions they can connect for free. If you want to connect more regions you will need to purchase a membership subscription. The premium and platinum membership levels also offer the benefit or serving as age-verification, which will allow you to enter parcels and regions with age-restriction on them. You can find all information about this here.

We do not offer Email-import for offline-IM due to privacy and technical limitations. If you want to reply to an offline-IM, please login to ZetaWorlds and reply through the viewer instead.

We offer free land for any newcomer to the grid, you can learn more about that here
If you are looking to buy some land please check our current offers
Alternatively you can host your own by downloading our precompiled binaries from here

We have a showcase of popular regions on the Welcome region, alternatively you can check the online regions via the worldmap, just hop around, most places are inhabited by friendly people.

Many viewers follow Linden Labs standard for authentication, this standard dictates a maximum password length of 16 characters. While many viewers properly handle longer passwords for OpenSim some older viewers may not. You can change your password through the Account Settings menu, simply login to the website and click on the Account dropdown in the top right.

Just hop inworld and ask within the ZetaWorlds group(a link to join should be on Welcome). If you need help from staff you can find their online indicators on Welcome or simply send us a mail