How To Connect

Step 1: Pick A Viewer

ZetaWorlds requires the use of a third party viewer to access the world. To take advantage of ZetaWorlds, you will need to download one of the following viewers:

Firestorm Viewer is one of the most popular viewer by many OpenSimulator users. It provides a very easy to use interface and contains many custom features other viewers may not have.
Singularity Viewer is a viewer based off the classic style of the orginial SecondLife viewer design, yet contains many of the features and customizations of the latest technology while keeping the old look and feel.
Dayturn Viewer is a fairly new viewer with an OpenSimulator-first approach, it is available for Windows and MacOS

Step 2: Configuring Your Viewer

Depending on the viewer you have selected, you will need to find out how to add a grid to the viewer. For the vieweres we have suggested above, below are the way to find where to add a grid:

Firestorm Viewer Avatar > Preferences > OpenSim
Singularity Viewer Grid Manager
Dayturn Viewer Edit > Preferences -> Grids

Now we need to add the grid, to do this we are going to type the following into the box and then hit add. After that you will hit apply to save the changes, then hit ok to close the window.

Step 3: Log In

Finally enter your avatar name you created, then make sure ZetaWorlds is selected from the dropdown box for Grid. Now you are logged into our grid!