ZetaWorlds Technology Overview

ZetaWorlds operates various systems, this page aims to give a brief overview of them


ZetaWorlds, like many other grids out there, runs on the OpenSimulator platform, but to accomodate our unique infrastructure we have had to make some adjustments. These include, but are not limited to, changing the way assets are pushed to users. Normally this is done via a central asset server that delivers upon request. This means that all requests must go through a central location, for everyone on the grid, no matter where they are from. This can lead to slow responses and timeouts. To combat this issue we provide our assets through a global CDN network, which runs multiple servers all around the world saving copies of frequently requested assets. This approach reduces response times and reduces the load on the asset server significantly.

ZetaSim also features various improvements to available functions within OpenSimulator as well as brand new functions and configuration abilities not previously exposed. This makes it more suited to provide whatever experience a user may look for.


To further increase the performance of asset delivery we have elected not to use the default asset server that is included in OpenSimulator. Instead opting to deliver assets via a file-based system through a simple PHP script. The reduced complexity means performance is doubled and deduplication is improved. This asset server is also capable of providing assets concurrently using the webserver it is written for as load balancer. When many requests hit this system, it simply spawns more load balancers.


Commerce is a big part of any creative community and as such we are proud to be the launch customer of Gloebit. Gloebit is a money service provider for OpenSimulator that makes it very easy to purchase things not just locally, but across the metaverse. They provide a simple user interface for buying Gloebits, the currency, and spending them wherever you wish. It also provides the ability to pay for land rentals, access passes and more. The system is more solid than others and backed by dedicated developers. The systems core is external and hardened, so your investments are safe and secure.


Content delivery network or in short CDN is a method to cache data across the internet closer to the geographical locations to those requesting said data. While this works well for most static things like images in a website to deploy this within OpenSim is a relatively new concept. We have been running some regions on a CDN for over 4 years now and so far reports are quite good. Extending the scope of the CDN is our next goal. Currently the CDN only provides data down toward the regions and not up toward the asset server, this ensures data cannot get corrupted.

Direct Manager

Those who rent regions from us will notice the interface directly built into the site which controls region functions. This system, called Direct Manager, interfaces directly with the region. In difference to other systems that operate a human in between our system is instant and provides feedback about the executed tasks status. It further adds the ability to perform debugging in a safe manner without the need to directly interface with the hardware and the potential for catastrophic failures. The system also provides further potential that we will make available to customers in the future.

This very site you are reading

Over time the requirements for user-interaction and information delivery grow and things like WIFI or other platforms are no longer able to meet the requirements of users. Because of this, and to better present information and news to our residents, we have built our entire web-presence from scratch with the aim to create features that actually matter. All the while the user experience is key, providing information directly and efficiently. The entire site is built on a common framework so elements becomes recognizable and familiar throughout. The framework is also easily extendable to suit new developments and changing needs. As such we make updates every once in a while to ensure stability and security along with new features. The foundation of it all is in use by our customers as well, customized of course, and so there is plenty of feedback coming back for us to improve and develop further.