Host Your Own Land

Binary Builds

These are nightly builds of our preconf binary. These have only been machine-tested, meaning they were not checked for proper operation, use with caution!
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How To Host Your Own Land

If you wish to run your own simulators on your own hardware (Windows or Linux), and you are able to follow the instructions below, you may host your own simulators on the Zetaworlds grid.

Self-hosted simulators must abide by the Self-hosting Guidelines outlined here and general Terms of Service. Simulators and regions in breach will be removed.
Notes: Do NOT attach to the Zetaworld Ocean without permission. You must get permission from Edison Rex.
The Terms of Service prevent you from selling self-hosted land on Zetaworlds without an agreement.
There are automated systems that remove regions not properly configured or in violation of the self-hosting guidelines.

We do not provide formal support for self hosted regions. If you are having problems connecting, please make sure you have followed all of the steps provided below first.
Preconf binaries are built with some functionality(god powers, permission bypass, dangerous ossl) disabled in code, these cannot be enabled. If you need these functions please purchase a region.

  1. Download the binary package from the link provided above.
  2. Extract the binary package somewhere on your computer.
  3. Navigate into the binary and run OpenSim.exe
  4. Follow the steps provided, and be sure to use the World Map page to find empty X,Y coordinates. Those refer to the base (bottom left or southeast) grid coordinate for your region.
  5. Each square on the World Map is a 1x1. If you have edited your Region.ini to have larger X and Y parameters, they must be either 512 or 1024. Bear this in mind so you do not overlap a neighbour.
  6. If you are self hosting from a home computer behind a router, you need to set up your router to allow "port forwarding" for port 9000 UDP and TCP, either to your internal network in general or to your specific computer IP address.


By default the preconf binary will create sqlite databases in the form of .db files. All configuration is present in the Regions and Estates folders. To upgrade move the databases and region/estate configuration to the new version of the preconf. If you made changes to OpenSim.ini or other configuration files you need to redo them in the new binary as well.

General Notes

If you are hosting from home, your computer will report an address beginning with 192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x, or 10.x.x.x. The grid does not need to know these addresses behind your router.
For the internal address, you must enter the address of the local machine with NAT otherwise if the machine is not within NAT.
For the external address, enter your router external address (your "real" IP address).
If you do not do this correctly, your region will come up but you will not be able to TP or cross to it because the grid cannot communicate back to your region.
This is almost always why people cannot get self hosting working. This advice follows for any grid that allows self hosting, not just Zetaworlds.
Windows users make sure your firewall is not blocking port 9000 incoming too! If you have gone to the trouble of forwarding the port from your router you could still be blocking it locally.

If you are hosting from a cloud server, you can use the cloud server IP address as the internal and SYSTEM_IP for the external.
For cloud servers, make sure your firewall allows incoming port 9000 UDP/TCP or you whitelist opensim.exe. Read up on windows firewall if you are running a windows server especially.