Rules and Conduct

Rules, Guidelines and information on general conduct on the grid

Legal Terms
§1 Registration is limited to individuals aged 13 years or older, persons younger than that must not register for an account.
§2 Content within the grid may be subject to local laws requiring persons to be 18 years of age or older to access certain areas and content, each user is solely responsible for adhereing to their local laws governing adult content.
§3 Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the entire OpenSim community as a whole; The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images in reference to another Resident's race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation; Communicating or behaving in a manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating or threatening, constitutes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance or alarm; Assaulting, shooting, pushing, or shoving another Resident outside of a Role Play area; Creating or using scripted objects which singularly or persistently target another Resident in a manner which prevents their enjoyment of their experience within ZetaWorlds; Any such behavior reported to ZetaWorlds staff will be investigated and we reserve the right to restrict access or terminate access to ZetaWorlds.
§4 We do not exercise editorial control over the content of ZetaWorlds and will make no specific efforts to review the textures, objects, sounds or other content created within the Grid. Additionally, we do not certify or endorse the operation of in-world games, vending machines, or retail locations; refunds must be requested from the owners of these objects.
§5 While Residents may choose to have more than one account, specifically or consistently using an alternate account to harass other Residents or violate the Rules and Conduct is not acceptable. Alternate accounts are generally treated as separate from a Resident's principal account, but misuse of alternate accounts can and will result in disciplinary action on the principal account.
§6 Users creating any content on the ZetaWorlds platform must clearly label content not suitable for minors. ZetaWorlds retains the right to remove any content in breach without prior notification of the owner or creator of the content.
§7 The administration retains the right to perform actions intrusive to privacy of any user should a report require validation of accusations made against a user for breach of local or international law. The administration is not required to inform the user about this intrusion.
§8 The activity of users on the platform is subject to general privacy law; The administration will not and cannot legally police users and their actions of privately owned or operated virtual land. Any violations must be reported directly to the administration with sufficient evidence before any policing action is taken.
§9 Failure to adhere to any rules or guidelines in this document may result in loss of user privileges or account termination.
§10 ZetaWorlds and its operator Zetamex may revise, change, remove or add rules or guidelines at any point, without prior notification.
§11 Actions that constitute a breach of law in the country of operation(Germany) or country of origin of the users involved will result in termination of the users account.
§12 Willful distribution of illegal material in any form or encouragement and information to obtain illegal material will result in account termination.
§13 Use of the Service is provided "as is", no guarantee is given on availability, stability, security or performance of the service.
§14 By design ZetaWorlds cannot guarantee the integrity or security of content within the Service. Users are solely responsible for abiding to third-party content licenses and agreements.
§15 Age verification is carried out as crosscheck of payment method against user account data, no guarantee of validity is given.
§16 Upon registration the user, where applicable, forfeits the rights to engage in legal actions against ZetaWorlds or its operator Zetamex.
§17 Any damages incurred by actions of the administration are the sole responsibility of the user and will not be reimbursed.
§18 The administration retains the rights to reduce, remove or cap service when any associated costs exceed fair use of the service. It also retains the rights to charge the user for any such costs.
§19 Any and all users registrating with ZetaWorlds retain all rights to their data if not otherwise inhibited by third parties. Any and all users are entitled to their data and backups of data if requested and not otherwise inhibited by loss of legal standing due to breaches of this document.
§20 Users agree to not hold ZetaWorlds or its operator Zetamex liable for corrupt or otherwised damaged data.
§21 Users are required to abide any additional legal terms resulting from local or international law, even if not directly outlined in this document.
§22 Users are required to inform the administration about any additional legal terms and protections before registration. Accounts may be restricted or registration denied if these legal terms are either in breach of the legal terms outlined in this document or otherwise cannot be upheld.
§23 Registration requires a valid E-Mail address belonging to a trusted mailservice or mailserver. ZetaWorlds is not responsible for any failure of services delivered through E-Mail.
§24 ZetaWorlds provides a service which can be used by individuals for malicious purposes. Neither ZetaWorlds nor its operator Zetamex are liable for abuse of the service and retain the right to restrict or terminate use of the service in malicious intend.
§25 Circumvention, willful or otherwise, of any terms in this document may result in restriction or termination of service and or accounts.
§26 Communicating or behaving in a manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating or threatening, constitutes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance or alarm is forbidden. Any such behavior that is reported to ZetaWorlds staff will be investigated.
Self-hosting Guidelines
ZetaWorlds is an open grid, allowing anyone to connect their own simulators to the grid and make use of the provided gridservice for free. Following restrictions apply.

§1 Gridservice is provided "as is", no additional changes or modifications may be made upon request or issues encountered.
§2 Free-members are allowed to connect up to 18 equivalent normal regions configured on a single instance* of OpenSim/ZetaSim. Regions should not exceed 1024 by 1024 meters in size.
§3 ZetaWorlds retains the right to remove any self-hosted region without warning or reason.
§4 Free-members must not engage in direct competition to ZetaWorlds offerings of virtual land. Resale of self-hosted regions is strictly prohibited.
§5 Members with a subscription may resale virtual land on their self-hosted regions in competition to ZetaWorlds offerings corresponding their subscription levels only.
§6 Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in removal of all regions and termination of account.

The philosophy behind an open-grid like ZetaWorlds is to encourage the exploration of OpenSim and its usecases. At the same time, providing the GridService carries with it a certain cost in machinery and manhours. The more simulators and regions are connected to the GridService the higher the costs to maintain stability and performance of the GridService. This is why we impose certain restrictions on the use of the GridService by users who do not directly provide compensation for their use of the GridService. We maintain the quality of the GridService through paid-membership subscriptions and the sale of simulators and regions connected to the GridService. The subscriptions and rentals provide the core funding of the service and the majority of the profits generated go toward the improvement and upkeep of the GridService. We do not and cannot accept donations due to the legal entity operating ZetaWorlds being a for-profit company.

*We check for the used http port configuration to detect multiple simulators, please use consequtive port numbers for the InternalPort parameter of your regions. Should you connect multiple simulators on the same http port we may remove them as one of the simulators will not be accessible from other regions. Any suspect regions may be removed without warning.
Conduct Guidelines & Rules
ZetaWorlds is subject to general good conduct guidelines and rules that must be observed on all ZetaWorlds-official regions and publicly open regions owned by its users.

§1 Staff directions are to be followed.
§2 Unless otherwise specified any sexual content is strictly forbidden on all ZetaWorlds-official regions.
§3 Absusive, anti-semitic, unwanted or otherwise distasteful behavior or content is not condoned on any ZetaWorlds-official regions.
§4 ZetaWorlds remains a forum for open discussions of any topic. Should a user take offense to any conversation held in a public setting they may request the conversation to be carried out in a private setting.
§5 Privately owned land with the appropriate permissions set and marked clearly may follow a "Zero-Fucks" Policy. Conversations, conduct or content are subject to local or country-of-origin law.
§6 Official events may be subject to exemptions or additional guidelines and rules.
§7 Breaches of conduct with sufficient evidence may be reported. ZetaWorlds retains the right to investigate at its own discretion or upon request by authorities.
Ocean Project Guidelines
ZetaWorlds Ocean Project is subject to additional guidelines set forth to maintain the integrity and stability of the project and maintain a working environment for every user to enjoy.

§1 As with all projects of ZetaWorlds, the Ocean Project follows a "use-not-abuse" policy. Any use that is deemed abusive may result in actions taken to remove abusive content, behavior or users from the project at the sole discretion of ZetaWorlds.
§2 All vessels and vehicles must be cleared from the regions upon logout. Unless otherwise specified they must not remain on any of the Ocean regions.
§3 All vessels and vehicles are required to not cause significant distress for the Ocean regions. If a vessel or vehicle is found to significantly impact the performance of the Ocean regions it may be removed.
§4 Traffic on the Ocean regions is subject to see-and-avoid regulartion. All users are required to maintain visual contact with any traffic and take steps to avoid traffic. Always pass to the right.
§5 Oceanside regions must allow overflight and entry permissions for the connecting land.
§6 Problems with the Ocean regions, loss of vessels or vehicles and breaches of these guidelines must be reported to staff.
§7 Unless otherwise specified self-hosted regions may not be directly connected to any Ocean region. ZetaWorlds retains the right to remove such regions.
§8 Services provided in conjunction with the Ocean Project may be subject to additional terms and guidelines.
Zeta Estate Guidelines
Zeta Estate are a set of regions that provide free parcels for users that wish to acquire them. These parcels may be subject to additional terms and conditions outlined in their respective covenants.

§1 As with all projects of ZetaWorlds, the Zeta Estate follows a "use-not-abuse" policy. Any use that is deemed abusive may result in actions taken to remove abusive content, behavior or users from the project at the sole discretion of ZetaWorlds.
§2 Any content that causes significant distress or other problems may be removed from the regions without prior notice to the owner or creator.
§3 Content of adult nature is strictly prohibited on the regions and will be removed without prior notice to the owner or creator.
§4 Where applicable commercial use of the parcels may not exceed or breach the terms outlined in this document.
§5 The parcels are provided "as is" with no guarantee of uptime, stability or performance.
§6 Users are solely responsible for the content they place on their parcels.
§7 Problems with the regions, loss of objects and breaches of these guidelines must be reported to staff.
§8 Longer periods of inactivity will result in land reclaimed and objects returned. Users may coordinate with staff over planned periods of inactivity, but ZetaWorlds retains the right to reclaim land and return objects regardless.
§9 Unless explicitly allowed or coordinated with staff parcels are residential in nature and may not be used for commercial purposes.
§10 Users may not sub-lease or transfer ownership to other users.