Posted By: Vincent Sylvester
Posted On: 2020-12-14 04:20 AM
In the past we have received numerous offers from some of our residents in regards to what sort of contributions they could make toward the grid or if there are volunteer positions to be filled. It is nice to see there is a genuine interest to further the grid and its community and we wanted to offer some sort of task list or open positions that we would be happy to see filled. We hope this makes it easier for those looking to volunteer and help to pick out something they would like to do and feel comfortable with.

Hypergrid Wall Curator
On the Welcome region we offer a wall with hypergrid destinations anyone can use to travel the metaverse. As grids come and go though the list needs active curation to make sure the available destinations are actually still available. This mainly involves going to each listed destination and checking if it is still accepting teleports, does not immediately crash you on arrival or otherwise breaks anything. Additionally, if time permits, using the form we setup to submit new grids to the list.

Selfhosting Tester
As an open grid we offer a preconfigured binary package anyone can use to connect a region to the grid. While there is an automated testing procedure to make sure it starts and runs properly, no human testing exists to make sure all functions operate as desired. For this we are looking for residents willing to give feedback and potentially work together to create a form of checklist of things to test. We give no formal support for selfhosters, but would still like to make sure actual bugs in the code are dealt with. Bugs that are reported are likely to exist in standard OpenSim as well, which we will forward in order to better OpenSim as a whole. Bugs can directly be reported through our support system by submitting a ticket.

Video Content Scout
We are looking for volunteers to submit links to educational materials in the form of videos and documentaries under public use licenses such as Creative Commons. These would be shown as part of official grid events with specific themes and made available as public streams to region owners looking to do such events as well. Submissions must have clear licensing that allows for rebroadcasting and should be publicly available on the source.

Content Scout OpenSim
Our parent company, Zetamex Network, has partnered with the OpenSim Archive movement to bring a centralized store of OpenSim-specific content to the metaverse. The idea is to provide materials such as textures, scripts, objects, documentation, information and anything related to OpenSim into one central location for anyone to use. We want to support this call for contributions and are thus looking for submissions that fit this. You can read more about this here

Public Documentation
The OpenSim project runs an official wiki with information regarding all sorts of topics. Unfortunately curation of this has been rather slow and some areas have not seen updates in years. We are looking for volunteers to go through some of these pages and check the information for validity. As we work closely with the curator of the wiki any changes will be submitted directly. The main areas of concern here are regarding the implementation of LSL script functions and how they work, use of EEP environments, administration of regions(parcel and estate options) and or anything on the wiki found to be out of date or lacking more information.

If any of these things interest you feel free to get in contact with a staff member for more details or submissions.

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