Selfhosting Changes

Posted By: Vincent Sylvester
Posted On: 2020-11-27 11:41 PM
We take pride in the open nature of ZetaWorlds and the fact that anyone can connect their own personal piece of land to the grid without much in the way of restrictions. This has been a key point of our philosophy for years and will continue to be a corner stone of our identity for the foreseeable future.

Nonetheless we feel the need to give our current set of rules for selfhosters a once-over as the grid expands and grows. Each region connected to ZetaWorlds requires the grid to provide certain services. These services are highly intertwined with each individual region in order to provide adequate and fast responses for common things happening on it. This subsequently means each region puts a certain amount of load onto the grid service, some more some less. This load needs to be handled and distributed in order to maintain the service quality we pride ourselves on. With the recent upgrades to our grid service along with the planned upgrades we aim to do just that.

However, there is still somewhat of an unknown quantity in each region not specifically operated by the grid as these can be run on any hardware and network. A less then ideal setup there can be quite detrimental to the grid itself; moreso if there is a lot of traffic on such a region. In order to maintain service quality for everyone on the grid then we have elected to reduce the amount of available slots for selfhosted regions on the grid from 18 equivalent normal regions down to 9. There is no change to the available slots of Premium of Platinum memberships, but we have reinforced the emphasis on the requirement for selfhosters to maintain decent service quality on their regions as well.

We will continue to monitor and adjust our policies as necessary, but our aim is still to keep ZetaWorlds as open as possible without compromising the performance of the grid service. The importance of the open nature of the grid has not changed and we will continue to improve grid service performance with further upgrades in order to allows us to keep it that way.

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