Mesh From Abroad Fixed

Posted By: Timothy Hoxley
Posted On: 2015-12-03 06:52 PM

We used to have an old issues where residents visiting other grids would have issues taking items back home, or even seeing mesh objects in other grids. We have since resolved this issue, you can now successfully visit other grids without missing scenery and bring back larger items from other grids.

The tech behind what happened was kinda silly on our part. We had fixed the packet size that can travel through our reverse proxy to our asset server to allow mesh on our grid, however the way that the viewer gets data from other grids to show in your viewer sends it to other parts of the robust to be forwarded to you. Since we learned this, we increased the max packet size on that particular robust service to allow you to see mesh in other grids.

We are happy to be getting ZetaWorlds fixed up for all our users, we hope to bring more exciting fixes to our grid over time. Thank you all! Enjoy HyperGridding :D

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