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Self-hosting restrictions

At a time where some grids elect to charge per connected region we also face some consideration regarding the self-hosting on ZetaWorlds. Specifically since we have recently dealt with some abusive region owners breaching our terms and co...

Search Functions

It has been on the list of things to do for a good long while but I finally got the grid's search engine working again. For the non-technical, in Opensim you don't really get a lot of search out of the box. There is an add-on that brings all of the search functions you find in your viewer, but I had t...

The Zetasim Ocean Project

Our ocean is now a year old. This project is a lot of fun for us and I want to say a few things about it.
It consists of 118 4x4 water varsims, with an additional 15 regions connected to it. That is an equivalent of 1,888 standard sized sims.
It is about 12 square kilometers of navigable ocean. We use ubODE physics,...

The ZetaSim Public Release is now available!

The public version of the latest ZetaSim binary is now available for self hosters. This binary is based on the 0.9.1 httptests development stream and includes a number of patches which we here at Zetaworlds have applied.
You can download the binary ...

Grid Stats

Online: 1
Active Users: 1580 (902)
Total Residents: 748
Total Traffic: 2959
Total Landarea: 155.779072 kmĀ²
Regions: 2377 (182)


CDN Powered Assets

ZetaWorlds uses a custom built CDN (Content Delivery Manager) to serve assets. This makes loading much faster, no matter where in the grid you host your region. It also improves your hypergrid experience.

Custom Code

ZetaWorlds builds almost everything we use on top of opensim ourselves. We work with other grids to help make even cooler features. Be sure to check out our credits page to learn more about who we helps us out.

Load Balanced

ZetaWorlds grid management is load balanced for heavy loads. We run multiple instances of the grid services behind load balancers. We use our own custom asset server to manage all load traffic. You'll notice the difference.