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Say hello to Jackal!

The transfer to the new server, named Jackal, went smoothly and ZetaWorlds is back up and running...

Fresh new hardware

ZetaWorlds will experience some momentary downtime on the 5th of February to complete our move to...


Grid Stats

Current Stats
Online: 1
Active Residents: 42
Total Residents: 506
Total Regions: 1168

CDN Powered Assets

ZetaWorlds uses a custom built CDN to server assets, this makes loading creations much faster no matter where in the world you host your region or what foreign grid you are in retreiving the item from your home grid.

Custom Code

ZetaWorlds builds almost everything we use ontop of opensim ourselves. We work with other grids to help make even cooler features. Be sure to check out our credits page to learn more about who we helps us out.

Load Balanced

ZetaWorlds has built the grid to be load balacned for heavy loads, we run multiple instaces of grid services behind load balancers that assist with loads. Using our own custom asset service to handle heavy asset load.