Reselling with ZetaWorlds

ZetaWorlds offers resellers the ability to gain licensed status through a tiered system of resellers contracts.

These contracts allow you to use ZetaWorlds to make money, by taking advantage of the superior offering of ZetaWorlds to sell regions directly.

You can even add your own extras on top.

Tier 1 Shared Estate

Shared Estate allows you to sell regions from 256x256 meters to 768x768 meters in size up to an area of 16 single(256x256 meter) regions. You can sell them at profit and create your own packages with additional services or products. Whether you sell one or all is up to you, you can even use some for yourself.

Tier 2 Wholesale

With Wholesale we give you a set amount of regions you can sell through us, these can be any size up to the maximum 2048x2048 meters. You can create your own packages with them and only pay for the Primitive resources you assign them. Scale is in your favor and we grant discounts upon reaching certain milestones.

Tier 3 Licensed Provider

As Licensed Provider you are given permission to run your own hardware and connect regions to the grid in large scale. You have to fulfill a quota of sales each month and the license granted comes with conditions such as minimal pricing and fee restriction. We even grant you access to proprietary software and training to efficiently run your business, including discounts on systems you can use to support and manage your business.

All resale products are bound to the Resellers Agreement and additional contracts for higher tiers.