The ZetaSim Public Release is now available!

Posted By: Edison Rex
Posted On: 2018-06-29 01:30 PM
The public version of the latest ZetaSim binary is now available for self hosters. This binary is based on the 0.9.1 httptests development stream and includes a number of patches which we here at Zetaworlds have applied.
You can download the binary here.
Improvements include the http communication stream, a number of new OSSL functions, fixes to Meshmerizer when dealing with poorly imported mesh objects, fixes to parcel settings, along with a few other changes. A full list is available upon request.

As always please read and abide by the Zetaworlds self-host guidelines as well as the Terms and Conditions and Rules of Conduct within Zetaworlds. Any questions, find me inworld.
The binary works with both Windows and Linux. Please follow the instructions in the Self Hosting section of our website.

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