Realistic Statistic

Posted By: Vincent Sylvester
Posted On: 2020-06-19 04:36 PM
For the longest time the way to calculate the active users has been to count how many users would login to the grid either locally or through the hypergrid. This was done by checking the table that held the local information of all users who connect to the grid. Checking for their visiting times in the last month would give you a number of how many visited. This number, however, only shows who was present at one point and not what real use they actually got out of the grid. If all they did was jump in, look both ways and then poof off to their next destination, can that really be considered use? We think for someone to really use our grid they must have spent some time, perhaps explored a few regions before logging out. With this in mind we took a look at visitor behavior on ZetaWorlds as well as how our residents use the grid. It became clear that some adjustments were needed to better reflect how users were actually using the grid. Quite a number of visitors only ever stayed for a few minutes, though many did return eventually for longer periods of time or even turned into welcome additions to our community. After some consideration we elected to filter out some of those shorter visits and short login periods from our active user count as we believe no actual use was achieved. We continue to give these things thought as we want to provide accurate statistics with an emphasis towards realistic numbers rather than simplistic raw measurements.

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