Spring Sale! New Regions 25% off

Posted By: Edison Rex
Posted On: 2019-04-07 02:50 AM
We are having a sale on new regions. If you have been unhappy with self hosting,
or think you cannot afford a hosted region, go to our land page and check out our
land prices for new customers. Zetaworlds hosted regions have great network bandwidth,
which is the thing you need the most - and have enough memory and CPU to run your region,
and we are generous with prim allocations. Our support is friendly and prompt.
We give you the freedom and privacy you want. If you are a mariner, consider an ocean region,
4x4 varsims attached to the zetaworlds ocean, a massive 120 sq km ocean. Sail or fly to your
neighbours or just sail or motor your way around. We are on the cutting edge of opensim sailing with
real world wind and hours of sailing space. We use ubODE physics for added realism.
Now even more affordable!

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