The Zetasim Ocean Project

Posted By: Edison Rex
Posted On: 2018-09-09 01:57 PM

Our ocean is now a year old. This project is a lot of fun for us and I want to say a few things about it.
It consists of 118 4x4 water varsims, with an additional 15 regions connected to it. That is an equivalent of 1,888 standard sized sims.
It is about 12 square kilometers of navigable ocean. We use ubODE physics, and we have plenty of boats available which can sail or motor on it. We also have aircraft which can fly over it.
There is a common sailing wind available which is tied to real life. This is another one of our projects which is related to the ocean. Real Life in this case is near Dover, UK, although we could pick somewhere else if we wanted to.
A typical sail on the ocean will take a couple of hours, and you can find islands out there with some undocumented surprises. If you would rather use a motorboat you can get around faster, but be careful not to run into shallow water.
Many residents have land adjoining the ocean. It is fun to be able to sail, motor or even fly a plane from your own region to your neighbours region. We have 3 airports to test your flying skills if you wish.
A number of projects in Zetaworlds (as well as building and scripting projects) are because of the ocean. Bringing some realism to Opensim by adding weather conditions (via Lightshare), navigation aids via webservices and scripting, water effects and more accurate physical models are all goals of the Ocean Project.
Come visit - there is usually someone out there, or you can borrow a boat in Kittywake or Pomsigland (or rezz your own at the free rezz zone in Pomsigland). We offer oceanside hosted sims if you want a huge ocean (by OpenSim standards) at your doorstep.

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