[COMPLETED] Important - Planned Downtime Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September 2019

Posted By: Edison Rex
Posted On: 2019-09-26 01:25 PM
We are moving the grid services onto more reliable hardware. This will help with rezzing, mostly, but also will help with lots of other performance related issues that we have had reported recently. However in order to do this we have to shut down the asset server and content distribution system to move the assets to a new server.
Okay, so the bad news is that we will take the grid offline for at least 24 hours to do this. It may overrun. So expect the downtime to begin at noon GMT (that would be 4am grid time) on Friday, and we would expect the grid to come back up probably 24 hours later, or noon GMT (4am grid time) on Saturday. This is a big change in our infrastructure which we have had in place for a few years now. We are expecting this to improve response by the asset server especially, but the overall grid experience generally. Thanks for your patience with us through this larger than usual operation. [UPDATE] Moving databases and assets is somewhat predictably taking longer so we are still offline for a couple more hours until the moving is completed. Afterwards services will be resumed and you may see the grid restart a few times. [COMPLETED] Moving has taken longer than planned and some parts are still not fully working yet. Grid services are back up and we are confident things are working better now. If you do encounter any problems feel free to let us know via IM or email. Thank you for your patience. We hope you have a good weekend regardless.

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