Grid Maintenance (Grid Back Online)

Posted By: Timothy Rogers
Posted On: 2017-10-04 04:31 PM

The grid will be under going an asset server move at 6pm PDT tonight to our new EU Cluster. During this time, we recommend not uploading, creating, or working on no-copy items. We expect this to take no longer then 1 hour, however please note that due to DNS resolve times could vary from ISP to ISP.

Please note that we will also be working on migrating the actual grid to this new cluster as well tonight around 7pm PDT, which might result in you needing to restart your regions if you self host. If you have problems connecting your region, please feel free to comment below or contact us in world. If your DNS provider takes a long time to update DNS queries we suggest looking into OpenNIC or OpenDNS both free and faster DNS nameserver services that resolve DNS faster. 

[Update #1]

We have discovered an issue with extra assets being saved to another location than the base set of assets. We are moving another 40gigs of assets to the new cluster. This has forced us to take the grid into logins-disabled while we finish moving these assets that were misslocated. We will update this post with more information as it becomes avaliable. Rest assured that no data is lost, just was being saved to the disk in a different location than we had configured orginally. 

[Update #2]

We apologize for the extended delay, we are finishing the rest of the move now. We expect to be back online within the next 2 hours. We apologize about this extended downtime.

[Update #3]

The grid is now back online, please note that some of the core regions are not back online at this time as we are moving them to the new cluster now. If you self host your region, please power it down and back online. You should now be able to login!

Thank You,
Timothy Rogers

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