A word about bans...

Posted By: Edison Rex
Posted On: 2019-04-14 01:50 PM
We here at Zetaworlds like to be known as very tolerant. We have written our terms of service to be very permissive of quiet enjoyment of your regions and your experience on the hypergrid.
Our patience, however, can be worn very thin, and a few things will earn you a ban from Zetaworlds. Unrepentant, repeated antisocial behaviour is the most common route to a ban, and we have very little tolerance for abuse of the platform, or especially any abuse of our residents. We investigate reports of antisocial behaviour and will usually give warnings, but we will make the determination for a ban, which we consider to be an extreme end. The terms of service apply to all, including hypergrid visitors, and bans are usually extended to individuals (including hypergrid visitors). We do not require you to sign a consent form to use Zetaworlds. You are however bound by the terms of the TOS just as we are bound by the GDPR and other German and European laws to protect personal data.
Very rarely we choose to ban an entire grid access to Zetaworlds. This is not a decision taken lightly (frankly, in our opinion it is an extreme reaction) and although we are aware of grids banning Zetaworlds, we have very rarely banned a grid, and almost always have rescinded a grid ban after conferring with the other grid owner. When every visitor from a particular grid has violated the local terms of service, affecting the performance of our service without contributing to anything approaching social interaction, we will act to protect the grid, our residents and their content.
Should you encounter a grid ban against Zetaworlds in your hypergrid travels, please send an IM to the staff.

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