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Standard Region Configurations

Mini Sim

15,000 Prims
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Full Sim

* 4x OR 2x OR 2x and 1x
75,000 Prims
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Super Sim

* 6x OR 2x OR 3x and 1x
100,000 Prims
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Mega Var

any size up to 1x
150,000 Prims
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*Split into multiple simulators depending on selected configuration

Special Region Configurations

Oceanside Estate

Region connected to the ZetaWorlds Ocean
50,000 Prims
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Water Regions

regions to surround your home with open ocean
surrounds anything up to 1x sized regions
5,000 Prims total
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Shared Estates

shared simulator with regions for friends of resell**
any combination of up to land size of 16 standard regions
120,000 Prims
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The Real Deal

Entire cluster all for yourself
up to 48x or up to 42x or up to 36x or up to 24x
in any configuration and combination you like, maximum of 256 regular regions*
up to 200,000 Prims per region, maximum 6,000,000 total*
North America €124.99/Month
Setup fee €124.99

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Europe €114.99/Month
Setup fee €114.99

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*Limits shown serving as example, actual usage limits depend on various factors and may be achieved before shown limits.
**Resale of whole regions only. Resale only via Gloebit currency. Extended verification required. Business registration required in some jurisdictions.